Birdwatching Camouflage by HECS®

Our birdwatching camo allows you to interact with the outdoors in a new way because we specialize in designing outdoor clothing that blocks electromagnetic fields (EMF) & electrical signals. Our advanced camo helps birdwatchers regulate their electrical emissions in order to get closer to the birds during their outdoor recreation. You can watch them acting naturally without interfering their genuine state-of-being or intimidating them. When you wear HECS® birdwatching gear, its technology allows you to minimize any stress you may put on animals and the effect it can have on their habitat.

The concept of blocking electrical energy as it applies to humans and wildlife is groundbreaking. Given the incredible adventures that photographers, researchers and other outdoor enthusiasts like you have already had, we know using HECS® will alter the way you see animals and the way that they observe you!

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